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Wednesday Pub Quiz in Birmingham at The Victoria


Do you think you have what it takes for a pub quiz in Birmingham City Centre? If not, would your answer change if we told the prize is £30 and £15 bar tab?? ?

Everyone knows you go to a pub with your mates to relax, right?


On Wednesday nights at the Victoria, you go to WIN!

Maybe when you go down the pub for an evening you aren’t thinking a) what the tallest mountain in Africa is (Mount Kilimanjaro), b) Harrison Ford’s debut film (Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round), or c) the first line to Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ (‘Out on the wiley, windy moors we’d roll and fall in green’)… But if it is, then the Victoria’s pub quiz in Birmingham City Centre could be perfect for you!

Our pub quiz in Birmingham City Centre happens weekly in the Victoria Pub (across the road from New Street Station) on Wednesday evenings, starting at 8pm. Entry is just £2 per person and is your chance to win £30 in bar tab for coming in first place or £15 for coming in second. So get together your group of friends (maximum group size 6!) and prepare to do mental battle!

The quiz is all done on smartphones so no need to bring pen and paper (thank us later, Planet Earth). Just remember to charge it!

Bring it on!

So there you have it – if you think you have what it takes get to the Victoria sooner rather than later as it’s a popular regular event! Here are some top tips from us. 1) Bringing the maximum group size maximises your chance of one of your actually knowing the thing! 2) If your sixth person is taking a lot of persuading, just remember to tell them about the bar tab up for grabs!

The pub quiz isn’t the only fun thing going on at the Victoria! We also run cocktail masterclasses and hire out our function room for free! You can also check out pub quizzes at some of our other venues on other days of the week. Click the links in the last sentence for more info.