Jekyll Gin Club

Always drinking the same old “Mothers Ruin”? Unsure what those “other” bottles of gin are on the shelf?

Mr Hyde says, “no more”

Our lovely loyalty card holders automatically become part of the #JekyllGinClub!

Every week Dr Jekyll (or Matt, the manager) will pick a handful of delightful gins you NEED to try, these gins will come with a free tonic when you make a purchase and flash your loyalty card!

#JekyllGinClub – August 2017

Got a loyalty card? Pick a gin from this month’s list below and get yourself a free house tonic!


Boodles £3.25

Winston Churchill’s favourite!

Malfy Gin £4.25

Italian gin distilled with lemons from the Italian coast. One of Jeff’s (our regular Gin consultant) favourites.

Langleys no.8 £3.75

Strawberry infused, a true taste of summer!

Copperhead £6.25

Belgiun gin, inspired by alchemy with delightful citrus notes

Edinburgh £4.25

Heavily juniper focused, 13 botanicals including lavender & lime peel offering a good citrus kick too

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